Find the RIGHT program to launch/ grow
your startup idea
Apps Without Code Bootcamp

8 week training for non-technical entrepreneurs
who want to launch an app
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You have at least 1 startup idea

The Goal:
Build the first (simplified) version of your app
Get your first 100+ customers


8 weeks |  Self-paced  | Lifetime access to the program
Module 0- Orientation
9 short lessons. A quick overview of how the course works, how to join the private community, how to join Q&A sessions, & how to ‘graduate’ from the course!
Module 1- The Tech Success Path
7 short lessons. You’ll learn exactly what the road to ‘tech startup success’ looks like. You’ll build a vocabulary so you can talk like a ‘tech insider’. We’ll also talk about tech product monetization options so you have a plan.
Module 2- Your Website
13 short lessons. All about getting your website up & running, choosing the right software, doing the work, & ripping off the bandaid to start publicly promoting your app (even though it’s not ready yet). “Successful people start before they’re ready”- Richard Branson
Module 3- AppHacks
20 short lessons covering all the best software tools you can use to build your AppHack. Support figuring out which tools you need, based on the custom features required for your AppHack!
Module 4- 5 Day Challenges
Five 5-Days challenges to get your AppHack built & start servicing real customers with it!
Live Q&As- 1 hour every Wednesday at 8pm ET
Optional: 4 weeks or 8 weeks of 1:1 coaching

Price: starting at $697 or $255/mo for three months